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Mysteries of The Ocean

Mysteries of The Ocean

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  • Includes a magic torch which illuminates more than 50 magical beasts
  • Written by Camilla de la Bedoyere, illustrated by Alexandria Neonakis
  • Hardback; 256 x 310 mm (L); 48pp
  • Publishing 12 October 2023

Marine biologist William Jones and his niece Millie are about to embark on a thrilling journey. They will travel all over the world as they search for signs of life in the planet's largest unexplored habitat. Use the magic torch included to take part in their adventure and discover weird and wonderful creatures in the deep sea such as...

- a dugong lurking in the seagrass in the Great Barrier Reef
- super seaweed growing in the Tasman Sea
- red footed boobies dancing on the Solomon Islands
- a prickly porcupine in a mangrove forest
- a semi transparent salp in the Antarctic sea ice
- a manta ray swimming in the Indian Ocean
- ringed seals resting on the Arctic ice
- hatchetfish shimmering in the Atlantic Ocean

With more than 50 marine animals from around the world, this collection is perfect for ocean lovers ages 7+