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Bright, colourful, striking, thank you card.  The word THANK is printed in bright colours, each letter a differnt one.  the letters and the colours slightly overlap, eg the yellow H and the blue A create a green overlap. underneath in much smaller capitals is the word YOU in bright blue.

Thank You Card by Pressink for Archivist

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Colourful, creative and wise words... Pressink fits perfectly into the Archivist family. Established in 2016 by Kristína Uhráková, Pressink is the first functional space dedicated to letterpress in Slovakia. 

  • Blank Inside
  • Letterpress Printed by Archivist Press
  • Printed on sustainably sourced paper goods
  • Product & Wrapping 100% compostable
  • Bright blue envelope (not pink as in the picture)
  • Dimensions 178 x 127 x 0 mm