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A linocut print by Nicole Revy.  The design incorporates memrmaids , waves, seaweed, and a manatee in a beautiful circular motif.  Unframed.  Made in the UK.  Prints by the Bay, Dorset

Mermaids on Chesil Print by Prints by the Bay

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  • Handmade linocut print.
  • Dimensions: 29.7cm by 21cm
  • Printed on recycled paper using Caligo oil-based relief ink
  • Unframed
  • Made in the UK

"Twas no great beauty" Forming part of the series of prints inspired by the local Dorset coastal history of West Bay and the surrounding areas, this linocut print explores the sighting of a mermaid thrown up by the sea on Chesil Beach in June of 1757. This creature washed ashore in the 1700s was described as 'no great beauty'. Accounts of this mermaid sighting appear in many authenticated records, and is now widely believed to be a manatee or sea-cow. This is the artist Nicole Revy's take on the ancient sailor's sighting, with stormy seas, Chesil pebbles, beautiful mermaids, and pretty sea cows.